[PART 2] New level cap, updates, fixes, and much more 1 month ago

Hi community.

Today we are releasing the second part of the level cap update, as we promised it didn't take much before its release.

We have added some new content toghter with a few fixes, and added the new equipment ranks.

The ranks system will be updated in the future patch. There will be a brand new system to obtain that, armors will have a different color and each piece will have its own letter to make it all clearer.

By now you will be able to craft higher rank equipment by buying three items in a brand new NPC in which you will be able to spend the brand new coins (diamonds). It's called "Merchant Rune Upgrade".

After this brief introduction let's get into the details of the update.


- Added a new NPC. It's a shop where you will be able to spend diamonds to buy the items to craft higher rank equipment. 

- Added three new crafter NPCs that will be necessary to craft higher rank equipment. You will need to donate the lower rank equipment togehter with the items you can buy from the diamonds shop to be able to craft the new stronger one 

- Added a new boss for the Christmas period

- Added new quests for Christmas

- Added new daily quests for Christmas

- Added a new title that you can earn by completing the quest from Infinity Christmas NPC

- Added a new booster which allows you to have 80% chance of earning x2 diamond coins.

- We have fixed Frillizards and Elite Frillizards (they were moonwalking before hehe)

- Fixed the Manzaku boss, it now gives diamonds as it should.

That's all for now, stay tuned for a lot more to come!

We wish you all a merry Christmas to you and your families!


Infinity LC Administrators

[PART 1] New level cap, updates, fixes, and much more 1 month ago


Today we are finally releasing the first part of the biggest update our server ever had. 

We have been working for months and months to bring you all that and we really hope this makes the community happy.

As the update is finishing and we are still working and testing on even more content, we are dividing the update in two parts, so that we can release something new now and bring more news pretty soon. The second part of the update is going to be released in a few weeks or maybe less.

Now, let's head to all the changes. 

Take your time to read everything because it's really a lot of new content.

We have added a new ingame currency which will be needed to get the new equipment.

The new equipment has been divided in different ranks, so there are weaker and stronger versions of it.

Let's get into detail with all the new changes


- Level cap raised to 230

- Added a new in-game currency called "Diamond". You will be able to earn diamonds by killing monsters in Exoria and you will need them to get the new equipment.

- Added new level 230 equipment. As of now you will be able to get the first armor and weapons from bosses, but in the next part of the update we will add a new ranking system for the equipment.

There will be different versions of it: Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Ofcourse each version is stronger than the one before.

- Added a new experience booster that multiplies the experience you get from monsters x5.

- Ofcourse the outer part of Exoria is finally open, you will reach the new level cap in the new city.

- Added new mobs in Exoria

- Added new bosses in Exoria

- Added new quest chains in Exoria for the new level cap (I suggest you to read the story, it's quite funny)

- Added in the item mall the new Exoria NPC Portal Scroll which allows you to teleport to the NPCs and see the mobs position of it.

- Enabled the new Christmas event

- Added the new Christmas Wings in the Item Mall

- Added a new P2 in the Item Mall (liopard) 

- Removed Halloween Wings in the Item Mall

- Added the Exp Pet Cooldown Remover in the Item Mall

- The price of Eldrian Experience Boosters has been lowered.

- We have fixed Sharoyan NPC, now the rock-paper-scissor game works well.

- We have fixed the Item Drop Booster v2. It now works correctly.

I know that's a long list but as I said that's the biggest update Infinity has ever seen.

We really wish you all appreciate our hard work for the server and will reward us with your presence.

Stay tuned for the second part of the update which will contain the brand new ranking system for the 230 equipment!

We wish you all an happy and healthy Christmas period!

- Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 2 months ago


Just a few small PvP adjustements today before the new level cap.

There will be really a lot of new content in the next update, which will come in some days.

Let's start with these small things then before we drop the bomb!


- We have moved the Infinity Healer NPC in a better position

- We have fixed the C2 Exoria's Mage Helmet, now it will no longer disappear. Sorry for that inconvenience.

- All items that were showing as "sold out" in the item mall can now be bought again

Now let's head to a few small changes regarding PvP, the bigger part will come after the cap update because we will ofcourse work on that based on the new equipment.

- Highlander now takes less damage, it will help him survive longer during fights.

- Witch now takes slightly more damage during fights, it will make it a little weaker than now, but nothing much.

- We have added a forced cooldown of two seconds to the Snare rogue's skill.

We are also trying to make Elementalist an usable class, that's our first attempt to do that and as all we all know that's not an easy job (actually no servers were able to make this class worth using just like all others, but here's our attempt)

- We have increased Elementalist attack, it now deals more damage

- We have increased Elementalist defense, it will now survive longer during PvP fights

- We have increased Elementalist physical evasion, now it will be slightly harder to succefully damage him

We may also be working on elementals in the future, but before we need to see if this base work is the right way to go.

So, that's all for now.

As I have said previously, we are dropping the big bomb in a few days, so watch the forum often and stay tuned because a lot more is close to come.

We wish an healthy December to all the players and their families, we are ofcourse looking forward for your feedback and suggestions under this post!


Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 3 months ago


Just a few very small yet important changes today.

We have disabled the Halloween events and changed a few things regarding the new siege. 

Let's go with the list!


- Halloween event disabled. We wish you enjoyed it!

- Halloween Lacaball has been now removed

- The description of change job and change class NPCs is now much clearer, also for newcomers

- Exoria title for owners has now new interesting seals. Win the siege to discover which 

- Fixed a small bug and made a few last adjustments regarding Exoria Castle Siege before its final launch today 

Today finally there will be the first Exoria Castle Siege ever, have you registered your guild yet? Not much time left anymore 

To celebrate it we have applied a 25% bonus cash on recharge for the next 24 hours.

Don't miss the first siege, it's gonna be epic and unique. 

Good luck to all partecipants for tomorrow and have fun!


Infinity LC Staff Team

PATCH&NEW SIEGE 3 months ago

Hi community. 

It looks like today is the day everyone has been waiting for a long time now! 

It's the day of the brand new Castle Siege! 

We want to say thank you to all the testers and all those who worked with us to make it possible. 

We made a very detailed guide which contains and explains everything about it. You can ask all questions you want in the topic.

Now let's head to the changes in the today's update. 



- Added a brand new map to the game called Exoria. You can access it by Eteal NPC. 

This map will allow us to run the new castle siege. You can't access the outer part of it because it will be home for the new level cap and so we want to keep it all a big surprise for you. Don't worry, it won't take much before you will finally be able to discover what's outside there! 

- Added a brand new Castle Siege system. Everything about it in the guide mentioned before.

 -The guild name in the PvP ranking is now displayed correctly for everyone

- Added to the game the new C2 owner costumes (both leader and members will have their own). You discover the seals by winning! 

- Added the new title for the Exoria owners. 

- We have created a new button that allows you to hide date, FPS, and latency. 

- Added a brand new box that brings you to level 220 instantly. (you will not need another 220 character to do that) and gives you +25 equipment 



- We have fixed a bug regarding chaos balls that caused some crashes. 

- Fixed the bugged seals of the Halloween wings. 


That's all. 

We really hope that the effort and the countless hours we put in this will make you happy and make the game more enjoyable and competitive for everyone. 

It you have questions of any kind don't hesitate to ask! 



Infinity LC Staff Team

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