PATCH   9 months ago


finally we have got there. In the today's update we are adding a new security system, a lot of fixes, and some PvP changes

We have added a new system that allows you to put a password to every single character of your account. That's one more security measures (that no one else has) which will prevent all unauthorized access to your account. We will not accept anymore any report about "hacked accounts" (I have removed the section), as you have now all instruments to protect your account.

We strongly suggest all the players to put a password to every single character in the account, putting a different one for each character and ofcourse differently from the account password

We have edited the event boxes to make them up to date and make the events worth partecipating

Gold event box: 200 ring token, 50 reformers, 5 jewel bag 15 ,40 candles, 1 blue cube, 40 green pouches, 5 eldrian chest 500, 2 eldrian chest 1000

Silver event box: 100 ring token, 30 reformers, 5 jewel bag 15, 20 candles, 1 blue cube, 20 green pouches, 5 eldrian chest 500, 2 eldrian chest 1000

Bronze event box: 50 ring token, 15 reformers, 5 jewel bag 15, 10 Candle, 1 blue cube, 10 green pouches, 5 eldrian chest 500, 2 eldrian chest 1000

We have added a new affinity booster (x4) which works only in Eldrian map. It lasts 10 minutes, and be careful, it disappears if you change map!

We have also fixed a bug about Eldrian v2s that allowed u to use neverending boosters having only 1 in the inventory

We have added new pro STR, DEX, INT, CON potions in the item mall

We have added new C2 wings in the item mall

We have fixed a lot of crashes and we have improved the protection by a lot, this should prevent the server from crashing frequently

The medicines are finally fixed, sometimes they didn't work or they had a big delay which caused a lot of problems during PvP fights

We have changed the Decay skill, it now decreased magical and physical hit rate

We have slightly decreased Dark Smog damage

We have increased the skill speed buff of Wind's Elemental Blessing

We have slightly increased Deadly Light damage

We have increased Assassin's Deadline damage

These changes to the PvP will be monitored, and we may apply fix and changes weekly. Ofcourse it all has been tested, but the true test is on the official server

I'm now announcing that for the next 4 weeks we are releasing updates every week, so stay tuned for new systems to be released

So, that's all. We hope you liked this update, lots of things to come soon.


Infinity LC Staff Team

PATCH   12 months ago


Finally the moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived!

Today we are releasing the level cap patch.

So... what's new?

The level cap has been raised to level 220.

We have created a new awesome map called Eldrian. Everything regarding the new level cap can be found here.

You will be able to join this new part of the Iris' world when you reach level 200.

There are a lot of new monsters and six new world bosses in Eldrian! (teamplay helps in killing them)

In this map you will be able to use only a new kind of special experience boosters that give you x5 experience on mob killing. (normal ones don't work in Eldrian)

We have added new daily Quests that can be found in this World, you'll be able to earn these new boosters on their completion. They will also give you a good amount of experience.

We have added a new title regarding this new map.. Its name and its stats? You have to discover!

Ofcourse we have added a new affinity where you can get this title and a new pair of awesome wings.

In this map, you'll be able to craft your new equipment (armor, weapon, and wings). All the materials you'll need are obtainable in the map.

We have added +1, +2, and +3 melding books again in the Item Mall. (limited)

You will also have a low chance to drop them via killing the new Eldrian's bosses.

We have noticed that after the animation's fix the sorcerer was kinda too weak. We have improved the Wind's Elemental Blessing buff to give Meteo a good animation, just like all other classes. That was made to make this class worth playing again.

We have moved the Juno's boss Compra to a new location (398, 1043), in this way we have fixed the annoying bug regarding this monster.

The Infinity Event Boxes have been changed. They are way better now and they give much more rewards. Become a winner in one of our events and discover what they contain!

Stay tuned for the PvP patch, it's coming way sooner than you expect.

Thank you to all the Test Team who helped us a lot during this hard work

Sorry if I forgot to mention someone.

That's all.


Infinity LC Staff Team

PATCH   1 year ago



  • Fix Master Merchant


  • Active Halloween Event


  • Add new Boss for Halloween Event


  • Add Bonus Melding Book (Shop limited)


  • Add cover whit possibility of melding the weapon (+1,+2,+3 Upgrade max +28)


  • Add Halloween wings C2


  • Add new section on lacaball whit Halloween token


  • -Add new npc Event Halloween Quest


  • News soon, stay tuned
PATCH   1 year ago


We are releasing some important fixes today.


  • TAB is now working correctly


  • We have fixed some crashes and updated the anti cheat detection.


  • The problem of merchants in Akan is fixed.


  • The Mondshine NPC is fixed.


  • Owls can't be sold to merchants anymore.


  • You will not issue random teleports in Juno anymore.


  • Channel three is working correctly again.


  • These are small urgent fixes that were required before the update comes out. News soon, stay tuned
1 year ago


It has come to our attention that some players are issuing ErrorLog problems. Please, download the client again and make a fresh installation, this should solve the problem.


Infinity LC Staff Team

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