PATCH   8 months ago


we are releasing some fixes today.


- Fixed the problem that caused the Eldrian affinity booster to disappear while using the premium character teleport in Eldrian

- Fixed the problem that caused the Eldrian affinity booster to not go away after using party recall card

- Fixed the problem that made party leaders not able to kick party members

- We have fixed the problem that caused the character's name to show off correctly when you click on it after they log off

- You can't see anymore the HP of party members when clicking on it. It caused some bugs in game, so we removed it.

Stay tuned, see you soon!

PATCH   8 months ago


That's the first part of the update we are releasing. 

It includes a brand new affinity, some changes to make the PvP ranking more interesting and much more.

The next part will include a new dungeon and much more things that we are sure you will like a lot.

So, let's proceed with the current changelogs.


- We have added two new additional bags. They are now 4 instead of 2

- You can now right click names in the chat. This was made because of the special character names, so now you don't have to write them down or look for the character to use the menu.

- We have added a brand new affinity. This affinity is made with PvP tokens. You will have to donate them at the NPC, so that you will be able to unlock the merchant that sells items which help in PvP. It will also gift you items once you reach a certain amount of points.


- Added some new items in the PvP Token NPC. You will find there 1h buff locks, 15 days premium package and advanced grade reformers.

- Added the bag keys 3 and 4 in the Item Mall 

- Added HP/MP steal potion 7 days and buff lock 7 days in the PvP ranking box "God"

- Added HP/MP steal potion 1 day and buff lock 1 day in the PvP ranking box "Champion"

- Added HP/MP steal potion 1 day and buff lock 1 day in the PvP ranking box "Master"

- Fixed the problem that caused Daedhrogion to not give affinity points

- Some crashes got fixed

PATCH   9 months ago
just a few important fixes tonight.
We are also adding 2,000 cash to all accounts as a refund/compensation to all those who lost wings in these days due to a bug that made them disappear from your inventory.

- Many fixes to the server regarding crashes occurring lately
- Protection from DDoS occurring lately increased
- Added a fix to a bug that caused the client to crash (ErrorLog)
- Fixed a bug that made possible using special character rename card multiple times
- We have fixed the bug that caused C2 wings to disappear from your inventory
PATCH   9 months ago
just a few little things today.
As requested multiple times from the community we have added some C2 in the item mall, we hope this will make you happy
We have also fixed a bug that was causing C2s you wear off to disappear from your inventory
That's all.

PATCH   9 months ago
as promised we are releasing another update today.

We have added a new custom system that allows you to tag all of your inventory items in the public that (works also in channels chat).
By pressing CTRL + left click on the icon you want to tag you will make the item appear in your currently selected chat.
All other players will be able to see things such as item name, seals, description etc.

We have also made some little changes to the PvP (much more is coming in the upcoming updates)

- Deadline damage is now (really) higher
- Nocturnal habit effect decreased by 50%
- Anti stone cap raised from 95% to 99%
- Triple bash damage slightly decreased
- It's not possible anymore to socket chaos malachite on accessories (we removed it on all those who had it)
- Eldrian affinity booster now goes away after friend list teleport (before you could, so that it was possible to use x4 boost on other maps)
- Greek C2 added in the item shop

That's all for today.
Much more to come in the upcoming weeks.
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