PATCH   5 months ago

That's the first part of the update we are releasing, as soon as possible the second part will come out with pvp fixes:

-Premium Grade Refs 2500 cash -> 2000 cash

-Akan Weapon 2500 cash -> 1500 cash

-advanced grade reformer 2000 cash -> 1500 cash

-replace the lvl 5 jewels for lvl 6 jewels

-increase gold farm on temple of god

-increase drop for ring of the Apocalypse

-add reform trade box in Cash NPC

-Fixed vote system

-Cash auction now work and we improved security of this

TRAILER EVENT   6 months ago
PATCH   6 months ago

Hello dear players!

Today we got few fixes and small updates for you!


-Fixed the description of jewelry box Lvl 6.

-Fixed 3 different kind of dupe (even if all of them are not used).

-Special guild rename card is fixed, now the name can't be empty.

-Fixed the hitting of 100k damage by all classes. The absorption pvp is reduced, that is what caused the Bug.

-Fixed the freeze of the game in the friends chat.

-Fixed the damage of all the boss in Temple of God.


-Character Transfer Card is no longer viable.

-Removed the possibility to reform the 5th seal of the helmet and the boos (absorption pvp). All those who had the seal return to normal.


-Increased the possibility to drop the new reform in the dungeon Temple of God.


- changed the "absorpition pvp bonus" seal to "4500 HP" seal.

Have fun!

PATCH   7 months ago

Hi, first of all we'd like to say thank you to all the community for the patience, but you may understand that this update took countless hours of work and testing before its release.

We have a lot of new content and some fixes.

Let's start with major changes

-We have added a new channel (non-PvP) because of the huge amounts of players on the server, we hope this will help unloading the channel 2 a little bit.

-We have changed the Dratan Castle Siege zone due to the huge amount of partecipants, the crystal zone is now flat with some brand new models. It will so contain much more players reducing the lags.

-You can now find a new dungeon into the Eldrian map which you can enter in all channels. You will need two complete two chain quests that you can find at Major Tajan NPC before you can actually enter the dungeon.

This dungeon requires team play to be completed, you will need a party otherwise you will not be able to get at its end.

In this dungeon you will also find some new bosses, killing them lets you complete two new quests (they must be completed in fellowship) and one of them gives you a new title, while the other is a daily quest and allows you to obtain the new jewels or the new reformers.

The last boss will also drop a box containing a new accessory that you will be able to open only owning three keys, and these are dropped from the bosses inside the dungeon (they are not so easy to drop although)

-We have create brand new reforms that have increased success rate, they will help reforming your equipment much faster. You can obtain them in various ways, it's up to you to discover.

-We have also created a new system that allows you to see the reforming percentage on each equipment piece.

-We have updated the Iris book with brand new items, and those previously unlocked have been reset.

-We have created a brand new special guild rename card, you can now rename your guild with special characters just like you can do with your toons.

-We have added new level 6 jewels, you can also find the boxes in the Item Mall.

-To avoid characters to farm points without a true PvP competition you now need to be level 220 to be able to compete for the PvP ranking.

Now let's go with the fixes.

-We have fixed the C2 Magic Polearm and its price is back to 500 cash.

-We have fixed the Akan affinity merchant, before it used to give items you could not buy.

-We have fixed the entrance to the Prokyon temple, now all levels can join it (a few players complained about it and so it's now fixed)

-We have fixed the level of the monsters into the Tarian prison.

-Now you need to insert your character password before removing it.

-We have improved our cheat protection and our security.

That's really all now.

We hope that the community will be happy of this update, because it took a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of effort.

Thanks to all the staff team for helping in tests either.

Friendly regards,

Infinity LC Staff Team

SIEGE   8 months ago


most people voted yes on the poll regarding siege during week days.

So we have decided to run a Dratan Castle Siege on Wednesday the 8th of April and a Merac Castle Siege on Thursday the 9th of April, both at 8.00PM GMT+1

Ofcourse after them, they will run regularly Saturday and Sunday, we will then decide another week day for them (I guess it will be Wednesday and Thursday again)

Our target is to make you all have fun and pass this bad period with us, keeping your mind away from problems for a while. That's why we have decided this.

Hoping that you will enjoy it and pass a good time all togheter with us.

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