PATCH&EVENT 3 months ago


Today we are proud to present a new small Halloween themed update.

We are adding some new beautiful covers and adding a new discount to the cash recharge with a small laca event. 

So let's get into detail.


- Added a new section to the lacaball that can be run with the new Halloween tokens. (careful, rewards may vary!)

- Added new C2 Halloween costume covers

- Added new C2 Halloween weapon covers

A new 20% discount on cash recharge event is now active for only 48 hours!

Even if it's an hard time worldwide, the whole staff wishes you an awesome Halloween day for you and your family.

Have a good game in Infinity!


Infinity LC Staff Team

PATCH 3 months ago


A few changes to the sieges today before the biggest update that will contain the brand new ones. There's really a very bit of time left before we are going to get it out. We are almost done testing so.. get ready and stay tuned for this awesome update.

So, let's head to the changes now.


- Now you can attack and kill characters even when they are wall hugging. There will no way to abuse this LC bug anymore from now on.

- We finally made it possible so that attackers can kill each other in the last Merac Castle Siegs phase. PvP mode will be not needed to do that.

- We have fixed a few bugs of the Dratan Castle Siege.

- We have moved the defenders spawn point in Dratan Castle Siege.

- Increased hitpoints and defense of the Stone Statue, so it will be harder to kill.

- Fixed the seals of the new Halloween C2 wings.

That's all.

As I said.. stay tuned and surf forums often, because the update may come anytime in these days. We all can't wait for it!

Have fun and enjoy the game.


Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 4 months ago


We have made some little changes before an huge update comes. We will be adding some revolutional things to the game.. so stay tuned and keep grinding!

So, lets head to the changes:

-  Halloween themed C2s added in the item Mall

- Added a new NPC in Juno that allows you to obtain the brand new Halloween quest'

- We will be adding multiple events in the upcoming days regarding Halloween, regarding lacaball too, so keep an eye on that.

- Fixed the teleport's graphic interface. It's now displaying correctly.

Just a small update regarding the next patch. We are proud to inform you that the brand new Infinity Castle Siege is almost ready to be added to the live server and it's currently under the very last testing phase.

Don't miss the next update, because it will be historical for Infinity.

Wish you all a good game!

Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 5 months ago

Hello Everyone,  

here is some small fixes for the problems from last patch .

Details :

- Fixed the new system remove buffs, buffs now properly remove from all lines .

- Fixed various problems of the new anti hack system (animations) .


Infnity Staff .

DONATION EVENT 5 months ago

Cash Event (+20% Bonus) 

Event runs from today 29.08.  2:00pm  until 31.08.  02:00pm 

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