PATCH 1 day ago


Today we are applying some fixes, changes to the items, a new system that lets you choose C2 seals (u can find it in the item mall) and more.

Let's get into detail


- We have added a system that checks your game version before you log in. Now if you don't update your client you will not be able to login anymore.

- We added a new potion into the PvP affinity merchant which allows you to reduce incoming PvP damage.

- Added a new item in the shop which allows you to choose seals of your C2

- Fixed a bug that made C2s disappear when wings was expiring.

- Fixed a bug that made the cube disappear when you popped other potions.

- Fixed the durability of the new wings. Now it works correctly

- We have added a new event into the game. Stay tuned on forums and discord to have more infos regarding the event. It will have awesome rewards!

That's all for now.

Stay tuned for future updates!


Infinity LC Administrators

[NOTICE] 10 days ago

Hey Guys, we know some of you had troubles with crashes lately, so we worked quite alot on it to not happen anymore.  If you still notice some crashes please contact us to discord.


Infinity  LC administrators

PATCH 15 days ago


Today we are introducing a new custom title system. U will be able to create a brand new title choosing color, effect, caption and even seals! This title will last only 7 days.

We have also moved the servers to another machine to improve their stability.

Let's get into detail


- Added a new custom title system

- Added a new item in the item mall that allows u to create ur new title

- Added new C2 light costumes (they are the white version of the black ones)

- Fixed the Exoria affinity shop. Items are now available again

- We have changed the rendering system of NPCs. U will no longer experience the microfreeze when they disappear when u are far from them.

- Moved the server to a new machine.

We have also enabled 25% bonus cash event on donation, so hurry up!

We wanna inform u that we are starting a new PvP balance update, so stay tuned for it.


Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 20 days ago


Today we are applying some minor fixes and changes to the client.

Let's go straight into detail.


- Updated the client code to improve its functionality and efficency

- We have made some changes to Juno map, it should run smoother now

- We have fixed the artifact countdown. Now if you go on the city outside and then come back in the timer will no longer reset, instead it will keep going down as it should.

- The artifact now cannot be traded

- The title "God of Arena" has now the same stats of "Guardian of Chaos"

- We have removed the Halloween C2 shield

- Changed some models of Juno NPCs

- Added the noblesse large HP & MP potion (1d) into the PvP affinity 

- We have replaced the Advanced grade reformer with the Premium Grade reformer into the PvP token shop.

That's all for now!

We wish you the best experience on our server.


Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 1 month ago


We have made some changes to the game, added a new affinity, applied some fixes and more.

In this new affinity you will be able to obtain a new pair of wings, which have a durability. By earning the materials from this Exoria affinity, you will be able to restore the durability of these wings and therefore repair them so that they will be 100% efficient again. You will be able to get these materials by buying them with diamonds

Now let's get into the patch notes.


- Added a new Exoria affinity

- Added a new special pair of wings in the Exoria affinity (be careful, these wings will be different from the other classic ones)

- Now trillions will have a different color for a better clarity of the money amount

- Fixed the artifacts. Now when you enter a safe zone you will notice an alert telling you how many seconds left before it disappears once you click it in your inventory. Before disappearing it will also flash briefly.

- Fixed HP/MP steals. While having 1/7 days equipped if you click those lasting 1 hours or 2 hours they won't disappear anymore. 

- Fixed the description of the premium grade reformer.

- Added new C2s in the item mall as requested from lots of you.

- Fixed a bug that caused C2s to disappear

- Removed the channel 4, it's no longer needed.

-Added Cooldown of 10 second to Ninja powder

That's all for now, we are already working on a brand new update to bring you all!


Infinity LC Administrators

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