PATCH 10 days ago


A few changes and fixed in the today's update.

As you can see the game is constantly under update and we will not stop doing that, we are giving the best of us to bring you as much content as possible and a lot of quality.

We have made some changes to quests and rewards, created a new buff and much more.

Let's get into detail.


- Fixed a crash caused by the Exoria Castle Siege

- Fixed the expire date of some items that were expiring right after being bought

- Added the three crafters (normal, rare and Legendary) into the Exoria NPC Portal Scroll

- Added the zorro C2 in the Item Mall as requested

- We have created a new buff that increases the drop rate x4 (you can obtain them in events, so stay online and be active if you wanna earn them)

- Made Exoria dailys simpler. You don't need 10 bosses of each kind but you need 5 now.

- We have added the new reformer as a reward from the second Exoria daily quest

- We have added the daily exchange NPC in Juno

- We have added a new pack in the item mall containing 10 of the new reformers

That's all guys.

Don't hesitate to ask questions and suggest us changes and new stuff!


Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 17 days ago

Hi community,

Today we are releasing a small update to disable all the Christmas event (including Juno snowfall and all the Christmas models). We are also making some changes to the castle owners costumes, making some changes to the affinity and applying a few fixes.

We are also making some vital changes to the reforming system, and also adding a new reforming item that gives you an higher chance to succefully reform your equipment.

Let's get into detail.


- Christmas event removed, togehter with Juno snowfall and all its models

- You can now use the premium buff function when the siege is running in channel 1

- Added new affinity items which allow you to complete an affinity with a single click

- Changed the affinity packs in the item mall. They now contain these brand new one-click items.

- Added a new item which allows you to instantly receive 20,000,000 points to your Alber faction.

- Increased the Superior Huge Lucky Scroll quantity in the Drop Package in the item mall (from 1 to 5)

- Changed the textures for the Dratan and Merac Castle owners C2s 

- Increased the reforming success rate of premium grade reformer of almost the double

- Added a new reforming item which has a 50% higher chance to succefully reform your equipment compared to the normal reformer (premium grade)

That's all for now.

We are doing our best to keep the game updated pretty often and we hope you appreciate our effort. 

Much changes coming soon, so stay tuned.


Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 22 days ago


Just a few changes and vital fixes today.

Let's head straight to the changelogs.


- The PvP damage is now working correctly, you are not taking anymore damage close to 150k

- The Night Shadow equipments (rare, epic and Legendary) are now working correctly. Its' set bonus buff is now working.

- Raised the level to become a merchant from 220 to 230.

- The artifact is now going away if you are AFK for for 5 minutes instead of 15.

- Slightly raised the new boosters price 

- The Angel's artifact has been fixed. You can now trade it

That's all for now.

Stay tuned for more changes!


Infinity LC Administrators

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 24 days ago

Hi guys, as a gift at the end of 2020 we will give you 5000 cash on each profile that has logged in from 10/12/2020 to 31/12/2020.

We wish you all a Happy New Year to you and your families!


Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 1 month ago

Hello community.

Today we are releasing another patch with some events and some updates

-We added an npc where you can exchange inifnity gifts with Ancient Scrool, Golden Stone, Rune of Destiny

-We added the artifact event, attention it has some new statuses that will help you a lot in the new map of exoria, the event will expire on day 26 with maintenance

-We have activated a 50% discount on diamond seeds (until day 26)

-We have included in the shop catalog the compass for the artifact will allow you to search for the people who have the artifact in the maps

-We have added the 30% donation event up to 26

That's all for now, stay tuned for a lot more to come!

We wish you all a merry Christmas to you and your families!


Infinity LC Administrators

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